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fingers crossed

Fingers crossed

If all goes well, by the time you read this, I will be in another country.  No, I’m not fleeing the law or anything that exciting.  Rather, my husband and I are attempting to finally do our 25th wedding anniversary trip.  We’ve been trying for so long that we’ve now been married for 28 ½ years.  But even as I have a hard time putting anything in print for fear of jinxing it, I do think that it will happen this time.  We will be starting in Amsterdam and moving down the Rhine toward Oberammergau for the famed Pass

pontius pilate questioning Jesus

What is truth?

Palm Sunday Mass this year at my parish had it all going on.  Technical glitches so that you could only hear two of the three Passion readers. To my left, a duo of five year olds using their palm fronds to sword fight.  To my right, a wailing infant. Me in the middle improvising the congregational responses within the Gospel as I had neglected to pick up the worship aid once I realized that Mass had started at 10:15, not 10:30.

snowy steps

Cold Winds, Warm People

Those of you who know me well know that I avoid the cold as much as possible. But of late, I’ve not been particularly successful in keeping the chill from my bones. Good morning from Contoocook, New Hampshire where it is about 5 degrees. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but not by much. The picture above is from Park City, Utah where I was earlier this month. The wind off Lake Michigan in Chicago mid-month was also pretty bitter. And next week I’ll be in London, Ontario.

mountains and clouds

In the space where mountain and cloud meet

This past Sunday, we read (as we always do the Second Sunday of Lent) the perplexing story of the Transfiguration where Jesus and three of his friends ascend an unnamed mountain and find themselves immersed in divine cloud.  It’s such a mysterious episode that each time it pops up in the lectionary I find myself wondering: What really is trying to be communicated here?  What are we supposed to take from this?


Pumpkin Bread Adventures

This past Wednesday, February 16th, marked what would have been my mom’s 77th birthday.  Since she slipped the bonds of time four years ago, I imagine she no longer counts the years in the same way.  “A thousand years are but one day with God,” 2nd Peter claims.  But we still count them!  And each year in her memory, my family has been celebrating her birthday by baking pumpkin bread.


Lev Shomeya

Growing up, I did not know much about King Solomon, but I did know that when he was anointed king of Israel, God invited him to ask for anything that he wanted and it would be granted to him.  Sort of like a biblical version of the genie emerging from the lamp.  I can picture my elementary school religion teacher in the front of the room laying out all the options: He could have asked for treasure chests full of gold or all the candy you could eat or a summer full of trips to the amusement park.  But Solomon, she said, asked for wisdom, which

luke evangelist


Have you ever received the gift of a word that you were looking for without ever really knowing that you were looking for it?  That happened to me last week.