The Prophecy of Caiaphas


I know.  I never send out newsletters on Saturday.  We are all trying to step away for our computers for the weekend, and trust me, I’m about to do that, too.  In fact, after an incredibly hectic last couple of months, I’m going to try to be offline for the whole coming Holy Week to do some retreat time for myself.  In preparation, I have done a good amount of reading in the last couple weeks on Caiaphas and the many ways of understanding his statement: “You do not understand that it is better for you to have one man die for the people than to have the whole nation destroyed” (John 11:50). I realize that is an odd doorway through which to enter into Holy Week, but it is the gospel reading that the lectionary gives us every year just before Palm Sunday and I figured there must be a reason for that! I’ve posted a reflection on the passage here, but who knows what more will reveal itself in the week to come.

After Easter, I’ve got a couple exciting trips to the West Coast planned.  Later this month, I’ll be partnering up with the wonderful folks at the Garaventa Center at University of Portland for a day on Let’s Talk about Truth.  Then in May, I’ll be offering a retreat on this same topic at the Santa Sabina Retreat Center in San Rafael, California.  This latter trip will involve multiple opportunities to connect—a day of prayer on Wednesday, May 24; an evening lecture on Thursday, May 25; and a 2.5 day retreat from May 26-28.  If you are in the vicinity, come check out this beautiful facility and make a retreat of your own!

A reminder that Let’s Talk about Truth and #Rules_of_Engagement remain on super sale through Easter.  After that both books will return to regular pricing.

Wishing you a most blessed Holy Week!