Rules_of_Engagement pledges

The following people have publicly pledged to follow the #Rules_of_Engagement:
Marilyn Krause, from Alexandria,Va
Regina Thibeau, from Chicago but soon DC
Karen Mesler, from St. Peters, Missouri
Michelle Batacan Alexander, from Indiana
KIRANKUMAR Darsinala , from INDIAN
Pravina Singh, from New Zealand
Maripaz Ramos, from Reno, Nevada
Mary Jane Silvia, from New England
Patrick Cummings , from Livonia, Michigan
Karen Guglielmoni, from South San Francisco, CA
Molleen Dupree-Dominguez, from Oakland, California
Matthew Irwin, from North Carolina
Anne Donze, from Perryville MO
Paula Rush, from Canada
Bridget Deegan-Krause, from Detroit area, Michigan, USA
Henry Borja , from Guam
Katie Zielinski, from Alabama
Deb Zeni, from Port Albert, Canada
Nancy Murgalo, from Norwalk, CT USA
Mary Ellen Galvan , from Corpus Christi Texas
Ann Garrido, from Miami, FL (most days)