Rules_of_Engagement pledges

The following people have publicly pledged to follow the #Rules_of_Engagement:
Maria Agnes, from Indonesia
Francine Merlin, from Bandung, Indonesia
Sr Magdalene Mary Emmanuel, from India
andrea hybl, from Prague
agnes bhutia, from India
Edward Camilleri, from Victoria BC
Juan Escobar, from Canada
Hilaria Suzette Bautista, from Montreal
Ashley Apollonio, from Columbus, OH
Jenni Ho-Huan, from Singapore
Kari Sims, from Louisville, KY
Donna Brown, from Louisville, KY
Clare Krabill, from Goshen, IN
Amy Julian, from Beulah WY
Andrea Powell, from Coqutilam
Colleen Kennedy, from Catholic Theological Union
Bonnie Rodgers, from boston
Marilyn Krause, from Alexandria,Va
Regina Thibeau, from Chicago but soon DC
Karen Mesler, from St. Peters, Missouri
Michelle Batacan Alexander, from Indiana
KIRANKUMAR Darsinala , from INDIAN
Pravina Singh, from New Zealand
Maripaz Ramos, from Reno, Nevada
Mary Jane Silvia, from New England
Patrick Cummings , from Livonia, Michigan
Karen Guglielmoni, from South San Francisco, CA
Molleen Dupree-Dominguez, from Oakland, California
Matthew Irwin, from North Carolina
Anne Donze, from Perryville MO
Paula Rush, from Canada
Bridget Deegan-Krause, from Detroit area, Michigan, USA
Henry Borja , from Guam
Katie Zielinski, from Alabama
Deb Zeni, from Port Albert, Canada
Nancy Murgalo, from Norwalk, CT USA
Mary Ellen Galvan , from Corpus Christi Texas
Ann Garrido, from Miami, FL (most days)