Rev. Jenni Ho Huan

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Pastor, “To Really Live” Online Community, Singapore

I met Jenni Ho-Huan in Fall 2022 when the two of us had the good fortune of being neighbors at the Collegeville Institute on the campus of St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota.  Pastor Jenni, as she is most often called by her congregants, is an ordained Presbyterian minister in Singapore with an abiding interest in the spiritual practices of monasticism (especially around hospitality) and how those practices can help persons tangled in busyness and consumerism to live more authentically.  In a multi-religious country where less than 20% identify as Christian, Jenni is the founder of the “To Really Live” online community that seeks to foster relationships among those seeking something more but who may not be interested in joining a traditional church. She also devotes significant time to mentoring Christian women ministers—still a relatively rare phenomenon in Singapore. 

One of the most fascinating points of my conversations with Jenni around power involved the different nuances the Chinese and English languages offer regarding the term.  As you’ll hear in this interview, language often gives us the conceptual boxes in which we talk about power and think about its role in our own lives.