Leticia Ochoa Adams

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Catholic social media influencer

Author, Our Lady of Hot Messes (Ave Maria, 2022)

Born and raised in Texas, Leticia Ochoa Adams is quite at home in the Wild West.  And it is a good thing, too, because for the past decade Leticia has found herself in the Wild West of Catholic social media where the environment is harsh and the rules are few.  Leticia is a straight shooter, unabashedly posting not only about contentious moral issues in modern culture, but also grief and trauma.  She lost her own son, Anthony, to suicide in 2017.  Her frankness and fearlessness in describing the messiness of her own life journey have attracted over 7000 followers on Instagram making Leticia a significant influencer in the Catholic online world.

But whereas once the label of “influencer” would have made her cringe, Leticia Ochoa Adams now owns it and is working hard to develop the pastoral skill, virtue, and knowledge needed to exercise this role responsibly.  As will become clear when you listen to our interview, Leticia resists any attempt to separate the word influence from that word responsibility, seeing the two as going hand in hand.  She takes as her model the 14th century influencer Catherine of Siena—another outspoken lay woman in the Church who drew quite a diverse group of followers. 

At the end of 2022, Leticia released her first book about her faith journey: Our Lady of Hot Messes.