Dennis Gonzales

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Senior Director of Mission Innovation and Integrations, Catholic Health Association

My guest today is Dennis Gonzales, the Senior Director of Mission Innovation and Integration at the Catholic Health Association.  A former Lasallian Christian Brother, Dennis began his career in the classroom with youth, but for many years now has worked in Catholic health care, including 15 years with Christus Health Care in the southwest U.S. Having already interviewed others in the Lasallian world, it was fascinating for me to hear how the educational charism of John Baptiste de la Salle (who I profile in chapter 5 of Redeeming Power) could also inform the work of a health care leader.

Dennis talks about the service-oriented, relational understanding of power that he has tried to strengthen among health care leaders, especially through his coaching of new executives.  He also describes his own learning goals for this season of his career, modeling that the healthy exercise of power is never a stagnant accomplishment but rather something we’ll be working on throughout our lives.