Dr. Elizabeth Berkes

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Director of Advancement, Moreau Catholic High School – Hayward, CA

I reached Dr. Elizabeth Berkes on a crazy day in Fall 2022.  She was beginning her 11th year in administration at De La Salle High School in Concord, CA.  She had three kids at home—one entering their senior year—and time was of essence.  She was having trouble even figuring out when she would walk their dog.  Yet, she was gracious enough to give me an hour of her time to talk about power.

Elizabeth (whom I’ve long known by her Malayali name Unni) has a masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Genetics from UC San Diego and a PhD in Science Education from Washington University in St. Louis.    She is the 2020 recipient of the “Multiplying Good One-in-a-Million Award” for her work in fundraising for mental health.  Since our interview she has now moved into full time development work at Moreau Catholic High School, part of the Holy Cross network of schools.  When you listen to our interview, you will quickly understand why Unni would be effective at garnering enthusiasm for any cause she puts her energy behind.