Dr. Crystal LeRoy

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President, Christian Brothers High School - Sacramento, California

The parable of the Prodigal Son from the Gospel of Luke chapter 15 is a favorite of many Christians in the pews, but for Dr. Crystal LeRoy, the story has special significance, helping to shape her understanding of leadership in a diverse community where different people have different paths in life and almost everyone at some point in time will need a second chance. 

Dr. LeRoy is the President of Christian Brothers High School which serves over 1100 students in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California.  After a long career in public education, she assumed her current position on the edge of the Covid pandemic—that unenviable season that drained the life blood out of so many in educational administration.  But, as you’ll hear in this interview, Crystal LeRoy has found great joy in her leadership role, in part because of what the power that comes with the role has enabled her to influence.