Soggy Spring Greetings


My goal this month is to reach the corners of the country.  Last week found me with the wonderful people of the Garaventa Center at the University of Portland.  Karen Eifler is not only a marvelous educator and writer, but host.  I was able to meet with around 60 education leaders on the topic of Let’s Talk about Truth.  We discussed ideas that we could try in our classrooms to honor truth as a core value in Catholic education.  The one thing I wasn’t counting on was chilly rain.  Yes, I know I should have looked more closely at the weather report before heading out there.  We are talking Portland after all.  But I got my feet good and soaked wearing mesh running shoes.  Had to fly to San Jose for the weekend just to dry myself off, with the added benefit of meeting with the leadership of the Daughters of Charity community.  Because of all the rain they’ve had in California this year, everything was a brilliant green and the ducks were very happy.  Even met a few turkeys gobbling away.  A pond that had completely dried out last summer was now full, with a bubbling fountain in the middle.

This week I have learned my lesson and am wearing water proof boots to the East coast.  It is expected to rain pretty much every day for the next week in Boston and Falmouth, MA where I’ll be working with a group of creative pastors identified by the United Methodist Foundation of the Northeast.  Again these are some of my favorite people.  So much goodness on both sides of the country!

The goodness of the leaders I’ve gotten to work with this month was very much on my mind when working on a preaching for this coming “Good Shepherd Week.”   We usually think of the 4th Sunday of Easter each year as Good Shepherd Sunday, but really the reading of John 10 continues into Monday and Tuesday as well.  There is so much to think about in the image of the Good Shepherd that highlights what Christian leadership is supposed to look like.  I hope that you enjoy the reflection.

If you are interested in more reflections for the Easter season, I’m going to be leading a day of prayer on the resurrection stories later in May.  Check it out here.

I’m happy to say that the manuscript for Redeeming Power is now almost finished… at least in theory.  (My beloved editor might have other thoughts.)  Shortly I will begin releasing a few podcasts of interviews I did with Christian leaders talking about how they think about the righteous use of power in their lives. My son, the sound engineer, has been awesome in helping to pull these together.  I might even have one to share next time I write!

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful green of Spring.  And try to stay dry 😊