Super sale on two of my books!


Yes, it’s either feast or famine.  Sometimes you don’t hear from me for weeks on end and then sometimes I write only a few days after you last heard from me.  Perhaps it is because I am trapped on a plane in the wee hours of the morning en route to Denver for the Mennonite Health Assembly.  I always think that I am going to do some major thinking whenever I have a long flight.  Here I am undisturbed for four hours with noise-blocking headphones.  I could write a whole chapter!  Maybe half a book!  And yet, there is something about having to get up at 4:45 a.m. combined with reduced oxygen levels in a very cramped space that make it difficult to have grand thoughts.  Instead the best my brain is able to pull off is a short announcement about a major spring sale of books already written. 

Each Lent Ave Maria Press chooses a number of books to sell at an extra low price so that they would be easy to get in bulk for a class, a book study group, or perhaps gifts.  This year, I have two titles in the list:

Let’s Talk About Truth – My book on… well, truth.  I wrote it in response to the confusion we often experience in modern conversation: What is truth?  How can tell if something is true?  Why does it matter?  How do I talk about what I hold as true with others, especially if they don’t agree?  I look at four different ways that we use the word “truth” in daily life and include a wide range of reflections on truth based on different scripture passages.  Each chapter ends with a couple of questions that could be great for personal reflection or to use with a book group.   Online there are a set of free lesson plans that teachers could use in their classroom to introduce the next generation to this topic.  For the coming month, it is on sale for $5.  The book would be particularly great for:

 - a seminary preaching course

- study group for priests or deacons

- your favorite high school religion teacher

- your favorite Dominican (since it draws deeply on Dominican spirituality)

- anyone who finds themselves pondering questions around truth and trying to have tough conversations on this topic with others!

#Rules_of_Engagement – My book about showing up Christian on social media.  Recognizing that more and more of us are spending at least a portion of our days on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc… this book calls us all to help create a healthier environment online by following eight simple practices: Clarify your purpose.  Know your sources.  Understand bias.  Value the person. Lead with curiosity.  Talk about intent and impact.  Privilege face-to-face encounter.  Manage your energy.   The book was written with the “everyday Christian” in mind – i.e. you don’t need a theology degree or work in church ministry to read it.  At the end, the book offers readers the opportunity to make a public commitment to follow the practices in fellowship with others from around the U.S. and beyond.  For the coming month, it is on sale for $4.  It would be particularly great for:

- a parish book discussion (free facilitator and participant guides online)

- a PTO or school parents’ association book discussion (free facilitator and parent guides online)

- an organization’s communications’ office to share with organization members

- all your social media friends

- a personal Lenten examination of conscience

I always think of writing a book as an opportunity to get a discussion started on a topic that means a lot to me.  The money I earn on royalties means much less to me than people reading the books and perhaps also getting involved in these concerns.  As an author, such super sales can be a great opportunity to get one’s work into many more hands than who might pick up a book on their own.  Could you please help me in getting more people involved in the causes of truth and healthy behavior on social media?

Thank you!

(PS - This week's picture is from the Our Lady of Florida Passionist Retreat Center in Palm Beach, FL where I stayed while doing CGS formation for the diocese.  One of the Passionist associates described this place to me as his place of "spiritual fireworks in the middle of a consumerist playground".  Thank you to the Passionist community for hosting me all week and opening their beautiful chapel for me at all hours of day and night.)