For the Easter Journey


After several weeks on the road, I was eager to get back to Atlanta and sleep in my own bed… but my husband had other plans.  “I think you should go to St. Louis for Easter,” he said. “It’s been years now since you were able to be at the whole Triduum celebration at College Church.  Years since you got to dye eggs and hunt them down on Easter morn.  Years since you got ham and party potatoes and jelly beans.”  All this was true.  When there are just two adults in the household, you are not so likely to go on Easter egg hunts and buy candy for yourself.  Now, mind you, sending me off to St. Louis served his own purposes as well.  He was hoping to go see his family in California.  Nevertheless it was a great idea.  And Easter 2022 truly was lovely.  I’m still coming off the sugar high.

But we are still in the beginning of the Easter season and there is so much more wonderfulness ahead.  I wanted to share with you two great resources for journeying through these 50 days!

First, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m in this amazing cohort of preachers who are part of a Templeton Foundation grant called “Preaching with the Sciences.”  We are working on homily outlines for almost all of the Sundays and major feast days of the three-year lectionary.  The first set of outlines is now finally out, starting with Triduum 2022 but continuing throughout this Easter season. The first couple are from my colleagues, Deacon Greg Kandra, Fr. Matt O’Donnell, Fr. Adam deLeon, and our fearless project leader, Fr. Ed Foley.  I think if you check out the site you’ll be impressed by where this whole endeavor is headed.

Second, I’ve partnered with the Catholic Health Association to put together a series of Easter reflections that will run all the way through Pentecost.  They are especially intended for those who are working in hospitals and nursing homes and health clinics during this challenging time.  But you do not need to be a health care employee to check them out!  I think anyone who maybe is struggling to get into the “Easter mood” might find them meaningful.  It was a lovely chance to reflect on some passages from the Book of Revelation that I never get to preach on.  Feel free to use these and share these with anybody in your life that you think might enjoy the resource.

Meanwhile, may you continue to enjoy this blessed season with lots of jelly beans and egg salad.  May the tulips and peonies put smiles on your face and the warming temperatures cheer your soul.   Most importantly, may the joy of the resurrection restore your hope and give you courage to face the weeks ahead.