Slivers of Outrageous Beauty


This morning for the first time in my life I finally had the chance to re-enact one of those famous NYC movie scenes where the person stuck in Manhattan traffic finally decides she is going to have to make a run for it and bursts out of the cab to jog the last mile in heels, suitcase in tow, scarf flowing in the wind.  Let me tell you, it looks more romantic on the silver screen than it feels in real life.  But the good news is that I’ve both made my train to Boston (with seven minutes to spare) and been offered an audition to replace Meg Ryan in the Sleepless in Seattle sequel.

Do I regret opting for the train over a short flight?  Well (now that I’ve made it onto the train) no, of course not.  New England has been in its full glory the last couple of days and the trees along the track are brilliant in the sinking afternoon sun.  What a gift to pause and enjoy them in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving when it is as if the land wants to remind us at every curve of just how much we have to be grateful for.  Calls me back to the readings from Wisdom that form the first readings of the lectionary this week, especially the reading for November 12 which speaks of "the good things seen" as an echo of "the One Who Is" and notes that "from studying the works (of nature)" we can "discern the artisan."  (Lovely meditation on this theme from the Jesuits of London here.)

I not sure what the scene outside your window looks like right now but I’m hoping that there is a sliver of outrageous beauty somewhere in your view that is making you feel a touch of awe and delight, too.

Here are a few other slivers of beauty that I’ve been enjoying of late and for which I am grateful:

  • A poem by Jessica Jacobs called the P.O.T.S. Prayer – the loveliest reflection on “connection” ever in this time of rapid technological advances
  • Always a Guest – a book by Barbara Brown Taylor that I bought last year but only recently remembered and started to read.  Should have read it as soon as I got it.
  • I Will Sing a New Song – wonderful song from Carrie Newcomer’s new album for this new moment in history.  The whole album is great, but this one might be my favorite.

Hope you can enjoy them as well!


Where Ann will be in the next couple weeks:

  • Diocese of Worcester Catholic Education Enrichment Day – November 12
  • Webinar for National Association of Church Personnel Administrators – November 17 (for more information)
  • On-going Deacon Formation for the Diocese of Des Moines – November 20
  • Gathering of CGS Catechists of Des Moines – November 21 (for more information)
  • Catholic TV “This is the Day” Interview – December 1 (for more information)
  • “The Espirit of Advent” – Virtual Retreat for RSCJ Schools – December 4 (more info forthcoming!)