Bumps in the Road & the Goodness of Neighbors


I’ve been on the road for two solid weeks now and it has been a little bit rocky.  I’ve managed to lose my remote power point clicker; leave my iPad in New Harmony, IN; and show up for a speaking engagement without any pants.  (Well, I should clarify…. I showed up without any dress pants and had to teach for two days in my yoga gear.)  But of course, my journey has been smooth in comparison to that poor fellow on the journey from Jerusalem to Jericho in this coming week’s reading of the Good Samaritan.   Thankfully in his distress, he was met by an amazing, if unexpected “neighbor” – a theme I take up here in my preaching for Monday, October 4.

And I want you to know I’ve had more than my fair share of wonderfully helpful companions on the road, too.  A special thanks to Eli at the front desk of New Harmony Inn who found my iPad and promised to mail it to me.  To Pat and Jim from St. John the Baptist Parish in Covington, WA who hosted me for a whole week and made me some wonderful Indian food.  To the faculty of St. Meinrad’s seminary, who ignored my odd wardrobe.  To my sister Katie who tried to work out all the kinks in my back.  We’re all good now!  Ready for the next leg of the journey!

A reminder about the Urbi et Orbi online conference for Dominican preachers… coming up in just two weeks now!  As well as the Sparkhill Dominican’s annual J.T. Lou lecture on Zoom the evening of October 21st.  Both events are free; just require registration!

(P.S. I had a fun, short video piece come out with U.S. Catholic last week also about the overflowing graciousness of God, beyond what we could ever expect.  If you’d like to see it, you can check it out here.)