Doing Truth Online


Lots of us have not just a personal social media presence, but a more public one.  We manage our parish or school website or Facebook page or Instagram account.  Which means, we deal with comments.  Some from people we know.  Some from people we don’t.  Some appreciative.  Some critical.  Some adding value and insight.  Some, well….

Earlier this week, I had the chance to work with my colleagues at Ave Maria Press to do a one-hour webinar for Christian professionals trying to figure out the best way to manage online conversations so that they better reflect our Christian values.  We had about a hundred people from all over the country show up live for the event, but happily it has also been recorded if you are still interested.  If you are intrigued by any of the studies you hear me quote in the webinar, I’ve included links to the original research here.

Let’s all go out there and show up our best selves online this week… and help others to show up their best selves as well.