Waiting When You Just Can't Wait


Yesterday was such a sweet day.  Thanksgiving always is.  It actually began the day before when two of my brothers and two of my nieces gathered on Zoom to bake our family’s traditional tart cherry pie together.  Flour dusting computer keyboards in four different states.  It was great messy fun.  And the festivities wrapped up last night with my husband and I Face-timing our son on the opposite side of the country while we ate outside on our patio and watched the sunset.  Yup – beautiful. 

And, is it okay to say, well… Is it okay to say that it was also sort of sad?  It’s been so long now since we were all together and I can’t wait till we are all tripping over one another again. It’s one of so many things that I can’t wait for right now, which makes it ironic that this weekend, Advent begins.  The season of “waiting.”  Like, really?  Do we need more lessons in that right now? 

The church calendar seems to think so, and so here is where my own reflecting on that theme has taken me this year.  (Teaser: did you know that in Hebrew there are actually multiple words for the English word “wait”… each one asking something slightly different from us?)

And if you are finding the arrival of Advent a particularly hard time for you and your loved ones this year, you might enjoy this reflection from Fr. Terrance Klein, who is one of my favorite writers at America Magazine.  It is a little dense; I had to read it twice.  But it was worth it.

Sending love and thoughts of turkey tetrazzini in your direction.