Help Yourself

Ann is often working on resources to accompany her books and to help communities gather, pray, and work better together. Below are some of these resources, free for the taking, which we hope help you make the greatest use of Ann's ideas. You can also sign up below to receive an email when Ann posts a newsletter or new material here.

Rules of Engagement cover

for Christians on social media

* To view Ann's 60 minute webinar for Christian professionals who manage their ministry's website/social media page

* Want to find out more about the sources that Ann cites in her webinar?

* Check out Ann's interview with Rhonda Miska on Ethical Social Media Engagement, featured in the Collegeville Institute's Online Bearings

An introduction to the eight "rules" in Showing Up Christian Online, featured in NCR and a follow up article on Aquinas vs. QAnon: What Catholics Can Do about Conspiracy Thinking

* Ann has two free discussion guides available for this book--one for parishes and one for Catholic school parents.  Both are available at the bottom of this Ave Maria webpage.

Let's Talk about Truth cover

for those daring to talk about truth

Redeeming Conflict

for those managing challenging conversations

for educators

Redeeming Administration

for administrators

Preaching to the Choir

for preachers

Year With Sophia Caveletti

for fellow catechists of the Good Shepherd